Freeman Mascot

Freeman Forward Fund

In our conversations with the community, many suggested that the financial investment necessary to replace uniforms and signage could be better used to more directly support efforts to live up those ideals, through investments in programs to build a more inclusive community, scholarships and other supports for traditionally underserved populations. Our response is that we should do both. Our symbolism and actions should align with our intent.

To that end, we are proposing the creation of a Freeman Forward Fund. The Henrico Education Foundation is pleased to support efforts of Freeman students, staff and alumni in creating a more positive, inclusive school community by establishing the Freeman Forward Fund and they are partnering with DSF in this endeavor. In addition to supporting planned spirit wear gear swap, funds will be used to promote innovation and academic achievement in the school community.

This fund will help support this revitalization of the Freeman Family by flooding the community with new Freeman gear to replace some of the “Rebel” items you have with new ones, but even more so to promote programs that drive inclusivity, innovation and academic achievement at DSF for years to come. We thank you, sincerely for considering a donation to this significant moment in our school’s history. Donations may be made through the following link: