Freeman Mascot

What We've Learned

  • The passion, commitment and love for Freeman High School — what we would call “Intensity and Pride” — is powerful and held by respondents on all sides of the issue; the Freeman Family cares deeply about our school and this topic.

  • This matters to members of many generations of Freeman students, from several thoughtful (and varied) responses from the first students who attended DSF , to current students to parents of future Freeman students.

  • Many feel that the term “Rebel,” in their experience, has been properly re-framed to reflect our values, forms a sense of community and has nothing to do with the Confederacy.

  • Many do not. They feel that the term “Rebel,” given our school and city’s history, can never be reframed to fully separate from a group that fought against America and for reasons that included upholding the institution of slavery.

  • Many point to their own experiences to powerfully illustrate the point above.

  • Many have changed their view over time.

  • Many are conflicted or undecided.

  • How we are viewed by others matters. This includes other schools we compete with, those who drive past our school or see our T-shirts but for whom the term has not been re-branded.

  • Striving to be a unified community is a concern for many and there is a worry that a mascot change could damage the sense of family, across generations and demographics, something that several noted is special about Freeman.